Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Question of Meditation

Answers Sirshree

(A seeker's account of what happened to him)

This is an excerpt from an article by a disciple Tulsi Harwani where he describes how one question answer-session with Sirshree transformed his understanding.

One day I went to Sirshree and asked him some questions on meditation. I didn’t know then that the discussion would change the course of my life, my entire perception. The discussion that followed is described as follows:

Tulsi: Nowadays I am unable to practice vipassana meditation. What should I do? I am not able to concentrate and hence I feel guilty.

Sirshree: Who meditates – know that first.

Tulsi: Meditation, of course, I was the one doing it. But nowadays I have discontinued the practice.

Sirshree: First know “Who am I?”. Then you will be only in meditation. In other words, you become meditation, you become devotion.

Tulsi: I did not understand this.

Sirshree: Fine. You have to listen from the beginning. Listen by dropping all your false notions and concepts, without any comparison. Then you will come to understand that the meditation of Self (sakshi) is continuously happening. The moment the mind falls – there is meditation of Self - meditation of bright awareness – where there is awareness of consciousness and awareness of unconsciousness – both. That is bright awareness. Bright awareness is meditation. You don’t have to meditate – but just understand that “You are meditation”.

Tulsi: What! No need of meditation?

Sirshree: Not only meditation, but you will be free from all types of karma. You will get the understanding that you were the non-doer of karmas(akarta), you never did any karma right from the beginning. Then how did you become the doer of meditation?

Tulsi: So what should I do to attain this understanding?

Sirshree: Come and listen to Antim Satsang discourses. Through listening, the meditator will remain no more and what remains is only meditation. The path to end suffering, the road to happiness will emerge. You will be in the bright bliss of silence (moun).

Tulsi: I will definitely keep coming. Since then I attended the Gyan Group Retreat. I found the path to end suffering. I understood what Antim Satsang is all about. The more I listened, the more the conviction grew that everybody should come to know about Antim satsang and the final truth taught here. With this hope and conviction, I made an effort to write this small article. I believe this book will solve its purpose.

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