Saturday, July 5, 2008

Positive Thinking - Whatever The Mind Can Conceive

'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve' - Napoleon Hill.
Our mind is an incredible power whose abilities and powers no one is aware of. Even great scientist are said to have used only a small fragment of their brains capacity. They have proved that a normal human being uses only 10% of his mind and they are also of the opinion that 75% of all sickness the human being confront is due to this 10% mental power. This clearly shows that even the 10% that we use is not optimized or used diplomatically.
Researches conducted in eminent universities clarify the fact that a healthy and positive thinking can ensure a better life or living condition. Today there is so much buzz about hypnosis, self hypnosis etc. the power of the mind is amazing and if only we knew how to incorporate positive thinking into our daily thinking pattern we can lead a much better life free from sickness and mental worries.
Unfortunately people just do the reverse by imbibing negative thinking and outlook which definitely makes their lives miserable. So how can we incorporate a positive thinking in everything that we do? When there are so many negative things around is it possible to successfully follow a positive thinking pattern? Many people do not believe in this attitude but in reality this positive attitude will help them cope with daily issues easily and most of all you see life with optimism.
Positive thinking is nothing but guiding your sub conscious mind to see, feel, hear and experience things positively. It is the choice you make and the attitude you decide to stick to which ensures a positive or a negative pattern in all that you do. We can easily develop positive thinking if we make a commitment towards the goal and had some control over what we think and challenge the negativity we encounter.
We have all heard about the law of attraction which says like poles attract. Same way when we always think about negative things only negative things happen and we are in the habit of viewing things positively we will always encounter positive things in life. People who are depressed are usually negative thinkers and when they go for counseling they are guided to think positively.
Everyone should stop being judgmental as it is another form of negative thinking. Goal setting and advancing towards it with a positive thinking that you will reach the goal will definitely help you to attain the goal. Sportsmen, differently able people, elders and students especially should practice positive thinking and enhance their lives. Winston Churchill rightly said, "a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty'. Positive people never give up and they learn from even failures. But negative thinkers always look for ways to blame others or crucify others for their own faults.
Changing over to a positive attitude cannot be done overnight. Effort is needed as our minds are already programmed or conditioned to think negatively and see negatively. But the effort that you take is worth million dollars. When your thinking changes your whole life and the incidents changes and you can see the difference instantly. Visualizing and self hypnosis are some of the methods to create positive thinking and it helps to develop a positive attitude. We are what we think we are so expert's advice to visualize ourselves as what we wish to become constantly.
Visualizing something regularly can create a positive atmosphere in which it will definitely happen. That does not mean you can visualize about going to mars everyday. Your goal and passion should be attainable and fair. Mental visualization will take you closer to your goal mentally and you will automatically be driven towards it as every action of yours will be then focused towards what you visualize. Self hypnosis also helps you to repeat to yourself what you should do and achieve it is like hypnotizing yourself to do something undeterred by any other distractions. So positive thinking will lead to positive atmosphere where you will encounter and see only positive things happening. And here's a sample positive thinking to finally establish my point positively,
"Instead of thinking about what you are missing, try thinking about what you have, that everyone else is missing".